05 March 2008

The Only Principles of Persuasion Workshop in Canada

On April 10-11, 2008, the McGill International Executive Institute is presenting the only open Principles of Persuasion Workshop in Canada.

As seminar leader, I am the only one in Canada certified to deliver this workshop, which is based on the lifelong work of Dr. Cialdini, the world's foremost expert on influence and persuasion. He is also the most cited social psychologist alive today.

The PoP workshop is the only evidence-based training of its kind. The workshop examines why people say "yes" to your requests and recommendations, and will provide you with new tools that you can use to more effectively influence clients, customers, partners, colleagues, senior management, donors, etc.

Imagine if you could dramatically improve one skill in the next year?

What's stopping you from taking a break from the office for 1.5 days so that you can return better prepared to tackle your toughest challenges? If you, or someone you know, is interested in attending, please visit www.hrdpop.com or the McGill Executive website for more info.

Seating will be strictly limited.

"This program will help executives make better decisions and use their influence wisely."
- -Charles T. Munger, Vice Chairman Berkshire-Hathaway, Inc.

03 March 2008

Big-Time Losers?

Joe Nocera, in the current issue of Play, reveals why owning a franchise in one of the three main sports leagues in U.S. - - football, basketball, and baseball - - is to "enter into a club in which is it nearly impossible to come away a financial loser," even if your team is a perennial dog in the standings.

Nocera's salient point is that with such a limited supply o major-league teams for sale, there will always be a deep-pocketed buyer around the corner willing to pay to become a big-league franchise owner.

It's another classic example of the Scarcity principle, which proves that people want more, and will pay more, for what they can have less of.

Read the full article here.